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Meeting the Board

Marlies Nijenhuis- SPOTeurope President
“My name is Marlies, I am 22 years old and in my last year of OT education at the University of Applied Sciences Nijmegen (HAN) in the Netherlands. Besides being a student, I am also the President of this platform and the first student in the ENOTHE board 🙂 With these roles I really want to create possibilities to learn with and from each other to becoming the best OT’s! When I’m not busy with internationalization,  I’d like to hike, draw and read some good books 🙂 I’ve experienced over the past years that it’s awesome to be in touch with so many international OT’s and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you all on SPOTeurope!”


Charlotte Walker- SPOTeurope Vice President
“My Name is Charlotte and I’m in my 3rd and final year of studying Occupational Therapy at Plymouth University in England. Plymouth is by the sea and moors, so I spend my free time swimming, scuba diving and camping. Yes, it’s cold! Travelling and working in different countries sparked my interest in international perspectives of OT, which led me to SPOTeurope. I enjoy meeting Occupational Therapists from different backgrounds and feel that sharing knowledge and ideas, as widely as possible, will make us better OTs and help promote our profession. Can’t wait to hear from you on SPOTeurope!”

Jena Guimond – Social Media Lead 

“Hi! I’m Jena, and I’m the Social Media Lead of SPOT. I am a Canadian studying occupational therapy at University of Derby, in England. I have a keen interest in international OT work, and am excited to learn and grow with SPOT. When I’m not in the library, I love to hike, kayak, and travel. I look forward to hearing from you on Facebook and Twitter!”

Natalie Pickering – Blogger
“Hi, I’m Natalie, I’m a first year OT student at the University of Worcester in the UK. I have only just started my OT journey and I’m excited to be part of SPOT to share new perspectives and opportunities for us as students! I have been on 2 Erasmus placements in the past and believe in the benefits of internationalisation to promote our profession! I have an interest in the Arts and anything creative, especially if its combined with improving wellbeing 🙂 I’m on the lookout for different stories and news of student activities from anywhere in the world! Please get in touch if you would like to write a guest blog or share some of your experiences to represent the diversity of our profession 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you!”

Alex Lukavsky
“Hey everyone! My name is Alex and I’m acting as outreach coordinator for SPOT. I’m currently in my third and last year OT studies at the health university of applied sciences tyrol in Innsbruck, a city surrounded by mountains. Innsbruck is a great place if you are into hiking, climbing or any sort of winter sport like I am. Above all I love listening to music and that’s why I try to implement that into my everyday life whenever I can. I believe that through music you can make any moment a special one. My passion for internationalization got ignited during my first year of studies, when I had the chance to attend the Mobility Week in Winterthur. There I got to know a lot of students from all over the world and learned to treasure the value of exchanging different views and ideas. I believe that by combining all of our diverse perspectives we, as students, can really help identifying cultural and national differences and support the growth of our profession as a whole. If you are looking for inspiration to promote SPOT at your university, hook me up! I’m looking forward to hearing from you all!”

Cassandra Christianen – Mini SPOT coordinator

“I am Cassandra Christianen a second year OT student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). At the AUAS I am a member of SPOT HvA, which is a mini spot at our university. One of my interest is traveling and I love the fact I can combine this with OT. The international perspective really makes me curious and excited about all of you. Recently I went to the ENOTHE in Zagreb where I got in touch with SPOT Europe, I wanted to connect SPOT HvA with SPOT Europe. Which luckily worked out! So, besides my study I am one out of two SPOT mini coordinators within SPOT Europe. If you have any questions about the mini spots don’t hesitate just ask. Hope to hear from you soon :)”



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