Occupational therapy in an interdisciplinary team – SPOTHvA

World Occupational Therapy Day is coming up on october 27th. That’s why we would like to organize an online event on october 28th where different OT´s from around the world talk about the following topic:

‘Occupational therapy in an interdisciplinary team’.

An international perspective: “How does occupational therapy distinguish itself?”

We would love to gather as many OT´s from around the world and talk about their perspective regarding this subject. Depending on how many OT´s and students are going to join us we could do it in the form of a carousel or one big meeting. The event will take place anywhere from 08:30-12:00 AM CEST. When we have the specific time we will let you know!

For now we are looking to see if people are interested in joining us on october 28th. If you have any contacts, maybe a teacher or something you met at an internship that would be interested, or maybe even yourself, you can email us at SP**@hv*.nl! You could also give us their email so we could contact them. We would like to hear from you!