IV Social Occupational therapy international symposium – Connecting worlds and building ethical solidarity and academic possibilities

An online event organized by UFMC/EEFFTO and Metuia network-social occupational therapy.


November 10th:

  • Panel: social occuational therapy and contemporary debates in Brazil and across the globe.
  • Keynote: Times of hate, social inequality and the genocide of black young people in Brazil.

November 11th:

  • Panel: Social occupational therapy and actions for dealing with the criminalization of poor youth
  • Keynote: Social occupational therapy and poor youth

November 12th :

  • Conversations: Debate regarding researches, experiences, university projects in partnership with communities in social occupational therapy
  • Book launch: social occupational therapy: Theoretical and practical designs
  • Panel: reverberations  – social occupational therapy and the world’s scenario in occupational therapy

You can sign up through the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc0rAb0a3TfIj2Yybr4JIiCA8vKrMFWI3sc6oViozBdFRV6sA/viewform