Reflecting before our summer break!

General announcement

Greetings everyone,

We hope that you are doing well and enjoying your summer vacation so far!

In this month’s blog, we would love to share with you a small but comprehensive update on our actions and events as well as inform you that we will be out of office from the (already passed) 29th of July till the 22nd of August! We will still be active on our social media and replying to emails, but expect a small delay since we are all taking some time off to cool down from such a tiring and demanding year.

What we have been up to

With the passing of this academic year and after working and reflecting during our face-to-face meeting we are very pleased to say that these months have been both a blast and work-full!

From spotinars to everyday events and posting we have put in a lot of extra work to make this an even more interactive and inclusive year for all of you and needless to say your participation and feedback have been unbelievably rewarding! We would really wish to thank each and every one of you personally but since our community has been growing at the fastest pace imaginable it is quite hard for us to achieve it!

As you have seen, and as we have already bragged about it, one of our biggest and widely appreciated actions is, till today, the spotinars! Keep in mind that those 90 mins (average) you see every three months is the product of hours of reaching out, communicating, getting feedback from you, and utilizing every means possible in order to organize and host presentations and talks that benefit all of you (and us included of course since we are still students!).

Apart from the obvious biweekly meetings inside the board, communicating with ENOTHE and with our representatives we are simultaneously adapting to a lot of board changes as of last year we have new board members and changes of positions within the already existing board.

All events including, one of the most fulfilling and rewarding has been the summer course in which we participated and to which we contributed! Not much will be revealed since we are planning on dedicating a blog for this event but we are safe to say that both the lessons and the interaction with you have been amazing. We learned a lot from our professors about the “Digital perspectives on Occupational Therapy education” and tons from you regarding being present, creative, and connecting even when being so far away from each other!

The end of an era

I always enjoy finishing off the year with a dramatic and cheesy title and a “thank you” paragraph for being so supportive, interactive, and easy to work with whether we exchanged a laugh on our social media platforms or shared hours together working on projects, old and new.

Besides wishing you a lovely rest of summer we would also love to remind you about the COTEC-ENOTHE congress this September for which we are hosting a pre and post-congress event and, of course presenting during the congress itself! Feel free to visit our website to keep track of the dates (

Last but not least, keep an eye out for board positions that may or may not become free for the taken :). All changes will be announced on our social media platforms:

  • Facebook: @spoteurope 
  • Twitter: @spoteurope
  • Instagram: @spoteurope
  • LinkedIn: @spoteurope
  • Spotify: @spoteurope

We wish you all well and see you at the start of the new academic year!
Warm regards,
SPOTeurope’s Board

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