Student representative

You would like to get involved in SPOTeurope? Maybe becoming a student representative at your university is for you!

What’s a student representative?

A SPOTeurope student representative is a student that would like to develop internationalization and interculturality in their OT program by promoting SPOTeurope to all of his OT buddies and teachers! This is also an opportunity to get in touch with OT students from around Europe to answer their questions about how OT is in your country and your culture. 

What does it entail to be a student representative?

In short, your missions will be to:

For more detailed information, please do check out our Student Representative Role description.

Become part of SPOTeurope’s Sounding Board:

The SPOTeurope Sounding Board is composed of student representatives that want to help out the SPOTeurope board members with their projects and the projects linked to ENOTHE. It could be a great way to work on new interesting projects!

For more detailed information, please do check out our Sounding board role description.

I want to become a student representative and/or become part of the sounding Board

Please let our Outreach Coordinator know at ou******@sp********.eu">ou******@sp********.eu. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions as well!

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