Promote SPOTeurope!

Let all your OT-buddies know that SPOTeurope exists! It wil not only help SPOTeurope getting to the next level, but it will also bring YOU new knowledge, networking opportunities and the opportunity to share what’s going on in your area.

This is what you can do:

  1. Making short presentations to students and lecturers in your university to create awareness. Get your fellow students excited! You can use this powerpoint: PowerPoint SPOTeurope
    – Please note the ‘speakers notes’ at the bottom of each slide which provide a little more information and guidance for what you might like to say.
  2. Sharing your presentations on social media! Tag us or send us pictures.
  3. Inviting your OT friends to our Facebook page and Twitter.
  4. Sharing the platform on your school website if possible, by for example using these flyers!

If you have other ideas, please do! And let us know 🙂

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