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Useful Websites:

OT-Europe ‘- Occupational Therapy Europe is a collaboration between occupational therapists in practice, education and research’

ENOTHE – European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education

COTEC – Council of Occupational Therapists for the European Countries

COTEC Summary of the Profession– provides comprehensive information about the profession in 30 European countries e.g. education.

WFOT- World Federation of Occupational Therapists

WFOT Forum (OTION) -An online forum to connect with other Occupational Therapists and students.

Kawa Model– Culturally relevant Occupational Therapy model

Kawa model iphone app

Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM)

COPM Learning Module

OT4OT -‘passionate about using online technology for professional development, research, and practice.’
OT24Vx ‘A free, online, 24 hour conference for occupational therapists.’

OT Wise – ‘A social media campaign, setup in February 2015, aiming to raise public awareness, understanding and debate around Occupational Therapy.’

UNAEE– ‘French occupational therapy student national association.’

The OT Hub – Providing an ‘international platform for the exploration, collaboration and promotion
of the occupational therapy profession.’

OTMiri – Aims to ‘inspire and empower occupational therapy students and new practitioners through meaningful engagement, education and support.’ Based in the US but lots of relatable content!

Occupational Therapy Insights – 50 OT related videos, downloadable study guides, books, occupational therapy news, and it features a video blog entitled “Today in my OT life” from Dr. Frederick Covington. This is also an App!

Twitter: Who to follow?

@OTalk -Every Tuesday evening a new discussion on Twitter, led by different Occupational therapists and students. Calendar and transcripts here.

@IamAnOT17 – ‘Each week an Occupational Therapist tweets about their job.’

@OSeurope -‘European Network to support the development of Occupational Science’

@RCOTstudents -Royal College of Occupational Therapists Student feed.

@InternationalVE – ‘The official international twitter page of the Flemish Occupational Therapy Association’

Heather Milar-Gowen’s list of Occupational Therapists/students on Twitter

Facebook Groups:

MH4OT -(Mental health 4OT) Part of a series of 4OT Facebook groups covering different areas of practice. See their ‘about’ section for a full list.

Occupational Therapy Students: Get Connected

International OT’s Connect

School Based Occupational & Physical Therapists

Blogs and Podcasts etc:

On The Air -Podcast, ‘A space for teaching and learning about occupational therapy.’

TEDx Talks – A selection of occupational therapy TEDx/TED talks compiled by Bill Wong.

The Diagnosis of Exclusion -Keir Harding’s blog on mental health OT, specialising in Personality Disorder.

Some boards on Pinterest that may interest you:

Occupational Therapy Associations across Europe:

RCOT -Royal College of Occupational Therapists- UK.

ANFE – French Association of Occupational Therapy.

AOTI – Association of Occupational Therapists in Ireland.

Ergotherapie Nederland – Dutch OT Association

DVE – (Deutscher Verband der Ergotherapeuten) German Association of Occupational Therapists


Let us know your favourite OT resource, or your countries OT association, and we’ll add it to our collection!

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