Hello everyone!  

My name is Aleyna, and I am currently a fourth-year Occupational Therapy student from Turkey and new Blogger for SPOTeurope.  

First, I would like to thank Kira, who has done a great job as a Blogger and is currently Event Coordinator, for her support throughout the process. She has produced precious and exciting content by collaborating and sharing thoughts, actions, and impressions hers and yours. It is with great gratitude that I now take over this work from her. 

Another new member on the board, Angela is taking on a new role (social media coordinator). She is from Spain, and just recently joined the team. She will definitely create great content with her high level of motivation and creativity.

For your questions about Social Media, you can always contact us at so*********@sp********.eu


On February 21, 2023, Spotinar event was held on. Our guest speaker was Hanneke van Bruggen and the topic was “Thinking Outside the Box – Global Challenges, Local Occupational Solutions”. In this context, we had the opportunity to experience an influential webinar on the impact of the awareness required by a change in the local, national, and international context, the responsibility of being a change-maker as an occupational therapist, and the social transformation steps that will take place through occupations. Thank you so much to dear Hanneke van Bruggen and all participants.

We are excited to hear the stories you will tell with this new beginning, and if you want to do it as a guest blogger, you can always contact us at bl*****@sp********.eu. 

To new beginnings and new adventures! 

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