Mission & Vision

As a young and fast-growing network we always want to have our goals in mind and how to achieve them, so we don’t lose our way!

Strategic Aim A
Connect Occupational Therapy students across Europe in order to increase internationalisation through sharing opportunities, queries and perspectives.

Means to achieve:
a) Develop the online platforms for sharing Information such as a website, forum, interactive map, blog and social media sites.
b) Have a presence at events and conferences including but not limited to ENOTHE
c) Establish a SPOTeurope team, mini SPOTs and representatives at schools, universities and governing bodies across Europe.

Strategic Aim B
Create long-term, meaningful collaborations between ENOTHE and all Occupational Therapy students in order to include students in the future of Occupational Therapy education.

Means to achieve:
a) Establish a student board member in the board of ENOTHE
b) Meetings between the boards of SPOTeurope and ENOTHE
c) Student keynote speakers at ENOTHE annual meetings

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