You would like to bring internationalization into your university? In order to do that, you could create a mini SPOT !

What’s a mini SPOT?

A mini SPOT is a small platform of students, within one’s university, with the interest in increasing internationalization and connecting with other European students

A mini SPOT is customized to fit the needs of the OT students within your university

For example, it could organize a workshop at your university around a topic concerning internationalization, be a place to get informations concerning OT around the world and international opportunities, and/or get together once month to exchange on a movie, an experience abroad, or why not skype with another mini SPOT or with a SPOT student representative… 

How to set up a mini SPOT ? 

To help students set up a mini SPOT in their university, we have created a mini SPOT guide that will give you guidelines and ideas for the creation of a mini SPOT. SPOT’s Outreach Coordinator will also be here to help you through the whole process.

I want to create a mini SPOT …

Please let our Outreach Coordinator know at Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions aswell !

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