Literature | Self-management in Stroke Rehabilitation

How should we define health?

Articles related to stroke and self management 

Examining a participation-focused stroke self-management intervention in a day rehabilitation setting: a quasi-experimental pilot study
Danbi Lee, Heidi Fischer, Sarah Zera, Rosetta Robertson & Joy Hammel 

The effect of self-management education following mild stroke: an exploratory randomized controlled trial*
Timothy J. Wolf, Meredith J. Spiers, Meghan Doherty & Emily V. Leary

Articles related to illness and self management 

Self-Management and Yoga for Older Adults with Chronic Stroke: A Mixed-Methods Study of Physical Fitness and Physical Activity

Feasibility, acceptability and potential effectiveness of an occupation-focused cognitive self-management program for breast cancer survivors

Enrolling and keeping participants in multiple sclerosis self-management interventions: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Understanding the occupation of diabetes self management using the Model of Human Occupation 

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