Happy belated summer vacation!

Greetings everyone! It’s Emmanouela once again. I am writing this blog on behalf of SPOTeurope to officially wish you happy (belated) summer vacation! We hope that you have been healthy and enjoying this summer as much as you can!

This is officially the last blog of this season! I wanted to thank all of you who reached out to me and worked alongside me to create all of these amazing blogs! And to all of you who I have not talked to yet, please be advised to contact me and share with all of us your experiences, life lessons or anything OT related you would like to! This is also a call-out for you to become guest bloggers starting this September. I am on the lookout for more experiences both from the previous guest bloggers and from people I have not been able to get in contact with yet. So please feel free to email me and share your thoughts, actions and impressions of your OT journey! 

Before finishing this blog I would also like to announce that we will be having online discussions throughout the upcoming academic year! This all started due to the pandemic and the lockdown that followed but we insisted on doing it 4 times a year. We were thrilled to see how much you liked it and benefited from it and how much our discussion group grew throughout these weeks, leading to more than a hundred participants per session! We are more than happy to accept suggestions regarding the topics of these discussions, so please feel free to send any ideas you may have or want to talk about. If you are not familiar with the online discussions that occurred during the quarantine you can always find the topics, the discussion meetings and a lot of literature on our website: https://www.spoteurope.eu/stayhome-campaign/

We would love to hear from you during this break, since we will be working on the preperation for the upcoming academic year and your stories motivate us! So feel free to post about your vacation, your work or anything you are occupying yourself with and tag us, or even contact us via either email or social media!!

Before we say our goodbyes for now we would love to share some helpful summer tips with you:

i) Drink LOTS of water! Staying hydrated helps you maintain your energy throughout the day which is essential especially during this hot season!

ii) Stay active! You can stay active both physically and mentally, by walking, hitting the gym, swimming, reading a book or doing some writting etc. This way you can stick to a routine and easily adapt when the summer break will be over and you will have to get back to your old, university-like habbits. Plus you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

iii) Don’t forget to rest! Even thought it sure feels like we have a lot of free time and that now is the time to do everything we have been postponing all year, our bodies can use some rest. Don’t overdo it with activities that require large amount of energy especially if you haven’t rested since you finished your exams or took a break from work!

iv) Create new memories! Do things you have always loved to do or wanted to do! Trying new things can broaden your horizons and add more than one perspective to your daily life. Cherish the people you love and dedicate some time for creating new memories with them, these are the things worth remembering when the summer will be over!

v) Stay informed! Last but not least, it is always mindful to keep track of the things we study, believe and live in. While there are a lot of things happening every day you sure want to clear your mind from them and have fun. But keep in mind that when the summer is over you will have to go through them anyway, so being informed about current matters now and then will help you both short and long term!

We hope than you found this blog both encouraging and helpful and once again thank you for being amazing, assistive and active, it has been an incredible year and we all are looking forward to another year of cooperation with you!

Best wishes, 

The board of SPOTeurope

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