Early preperations for the ENOTHE – COTEC conference in Prague

CUBEX building in Prague

On the morning of February 20th members of our SPOT Prague were gathering filled with excitement at the metro station. This day was the day when we had the chance to see the premisses of the modern and newly reconstructed congress centre Cubex, where the COTEC- ENOTHE conference will take place this September.

First visit in the Cubex premises

We saw the exciting new technology elements and the huge spaces the centre has to offer. After the Cubex tour we attended the meeting of the board members of the Czech Occupational Therapy Association, ENOTHE and COTEC. After discussing the students participation in volunteering we worked with Vanessa Röck (the student board member of SPOT Europe) on the finalisation of the students pre-conference programme. Our SPOT Prague board and Vanessa did a very fruitful brainstorming together and created a student centred programme based on the results of the student preferences survey done by SPOT Europe. Within the next month we will provide you more information, so make sure you follow the updates 😊

A sweet delight after our team ran out of energy and some sightseeing

After a pretty tiring but very useful and neccessary meeting we managed to top up our blood sugar levels by enjoying some „trdelník“ filled with chocolate cream and took Vanessa to a quick but thorough sightseeing tour. Our journey started by taking the famous cabel car to Petřín hill, where the czech Eiffel tower „Petřínská rozhledna“ can be found. The view is just breathtaking from the top. I am very afraid of heights, so I gave them psychical support from the ground. From there the next destination was the historical Charles bridge, where we enjoyed a walk in the evening lights and admired the play of lights on the surface of the Moldau. During our time spent together we gave Vanessa an intensive language course of the most important and some less polite Czech words (which one obviously needs for survival in every city). 😛

Zuzana Jarošová
Borbála Kiss- Szemán
Vanessa Röck
Pavlína Gašparová
Šárka Strubinská

Walking through Charles bridge took us to the Old Town Square, where the famous astronomical clock can be found. It was quite cold that day so we warmed ourselves up with a cup of warm tea and I accompanied Vanessa to her next location.

And that is how this wonderful day came to an end

That was our lovely day in a nutshell, where we tried out a sightseeing route we highly recommend you😊

I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you have not decided yet, then do not hesitate and come if you can, because the COTEC – ENOTHE conference this fall in Prague, will be an unforgetable and unique chance for networking, exchanging student experiences and getting to know more about occupational therapy in other countries.

SPOT Prague and SPOT Europe are looking forward to meeting you! 😊

Greetings from,

Borbála Kiss-Szemán, vicepresident of international relations SPOT Prague

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