Exploring the Role of Participation: Understanding Participation From the ICF Perspective

Dear readers,

I’m Aleyna Kayım, SPOTeurope’s Event Coordinator. Happy OT month to all of us, today I would like to examine with you a “participation” terminology that has been defined many times over the years, which I am very interested in and think fits the philosophy of the month.

Participation, as defined in the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF), is “involvement in life situations”. This broad perspective extends to our occupations, and roles we inhabit that define and shape our daily activities. Viewing participation through an occupational therapy lens allows us to appreciate its significance in facilitating meaningful engagement, promoting well-being, and fostering independence across various life domains.

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This year ENOTHE held their Annual Meeting in Oviedo, Spain. SPOTeurope was present, as every year since 2014, to represent the students’ voices of Europe. This time represented in person by Bruna, Megan, Angela, and Kira, we decided to give you, the SPOT community, a small insight into how our preparations for the 27th AM looked like. And of course to what these preparations lead to at the AM.

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