International student experience – Internship in Chile

My name is Ine Persyn, I am 22 years old, and I graduated in 2023 as an occupational  therapist at the Artevelde University in Ghent. I have a passion for traveling and exploring nature and new cultures. I found it exciting to combine my studies with my passion by doing an international internship. During my final year of my bachelor’s program, I had the opportunity to complete a three-month internship in South America, specifically in Chile, along with a fellow student. Reflecting on this adventure, I would like to share my experience of interning outside Europe, the value it added to my personal and professional identity, and provide some tips for students considering a similar experience.

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UNAEE: National Association of French OT students

The first UNAEE event of 2019 took place in Nevers, France, in March!

But first, what’s UNAEE?

UNAEE is the National Association of French OT students. Its main goals are to defend French OT student’s rights and interests, to represent them within deciding bodies of the institutions and give them opportunities in order to make the most out of their studies. The UNAEE was also created to build a network between the OT students from the various institutes in France. That is why we organize yearly events gathering OT students from all over the country! 

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