Experiencing OT as a third-party

Hello everyone!

This month I decided to give the spotlight to people wanting to talk about their OT experiences, outside of their studies. The following texts do not necessarily coincide with what we have learned in our studies, they are related to experiences linked with loved ones or acquainted people receiving occupational therapy.

if you would like to know more about it you can always contact Jennie via email: JWEBST10@caledonian.ac.uk or via Twitter (@jwebot), Akylina via email: papadopoulou50@hotmail.gr, and Martyna via email: martynagwiazda0@gmail.com

Furthermore, feel free to contact me about your ideas on the content of our next blog as well as whether you would like to be one of our guest bloggers!

Till next time, stay safe and active,
Emmanouela Kanetaki | Blogger

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An intriguing, hands-on, OT program in Croatia!

Greetings everyone. My name is Iva Hendelja, I’m 21 years old and currently on my third and final year of Occupational therapy at the University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia, which is also the only university to provide a 3 year OT program. Unfortunately, here in Croatia, you can only study OT at a bachelor’s level since there are no master’s or PhD programs yet.

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Experiencing occupational disruption as an OT student

Hello everyone!

For this month’s blog I decided to talk about one of the most common phenomena we, OT’s, encounter during both our studies and clinical practices: occupational disruption. Even though most of you might be familiar with this term I shall briefly go through the literature so we can all be on the same page:

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An unforgetable heartwarming experience at São Miguel

Hello fellow OT students,

My name is Ana Gaspar and I am currently waiting to start my fourth and last year as an occupational therapy student in Escola Superior de Saúde de Leiria, Portugal. The past three years of my studies have been quite a ride, let me break it down for you!

When I first discovered that I got in OT school, I had mixed feelings because it was not my first choice. I had always wanted to be a nurse mainly because my goal as a professional is to help people in need, but little did I know! When I got to learn more thoroughly about what OT is all about, I fell instantly in love with the profession and the thought of changing courses suddenly didn’t matter to me anymore.

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Occupational Therapy in Wrocław, Poland


Martyna Gwiazda

Hello everyone,

My name is Martyna Gwiazda and I am a third year Occupational Therapy student (OT) in Wrocław, Poland. Being this month’s guest blogger gave me the chance to share a little bit of an insight about OT in Poland. I will be describing the reality of our profession in my country, both advantages and disadvantages included! 🙂

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