CASE | Occupational Science

This week we will be introduced to critical occupational science and how their concepts and theory can help us to expand the profession into more socially responsive initiatives.

For the case study we share an article with you that contains two cases in which the authors explain the difference when analyzing from an individualistic versus a more social perspective.
Occupation as Transactional Experience: A Critique of Individualism in Occupational Science:

Bellow are questions to guide the reading of the cases:
1) How does an individualistic perspective restrict our occupational analysis or understanding of people’s occupational issues?

2) How can a more social or transactional perspective help occupational therapists to think based on social needs/factors instead of individuals’ needs/factors?

3) Why should occupational therapists address social issues related to occupation restrictions/deprivation/alienation, etc.?

4) What can be opportunities and barriers to maintaining an occupational perspective on social issues/factors?

5) Based on previous fieldwork experiences could you think of an example where you felt that occupational therapists work with social issues or could work with them in the future?

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