CASE | Displaced persons

The topic for this week is ”Displaced Persons” and we have decided to not share one but multiple cases with you!

There are many people around the world, who are defined as ”Displaced Persons” who all have their own story. Stories that are not the same and cannot be identified as one story.

Therefore, SPOTeurope has decided to share a project with you called #Movingpeople. On the website they share stories that need to be told, by the use of miniatures. The website can be set on Dutch, English and German.

The miniatures represents a person who has a story that needs to be told and they ‘travel’ around. Whenever you find one of those miniatures it, on the bottom you find a name and website link. If you follow the instructions you are able to read the story of that person. After you’ve read the story, the concept is to share your experience on social media, using #MovingPeople and replace the miniature somewhere else afterwards.

SPOTeurope encourages you to have a look on the website and read the stories that need to be told.

Below we have already put a link to the story of Istahil. He fled from Somalia back in 1991 due to the Somali civil war.

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