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  • SPOT’s new blogger and the somewhat ancient history of OT in Greece. - Greetings everyone! I am Emmanouela (or Emma for short) and from now on I will be the new SPOT blogger! A little bit of information for me I was born and raised in Athens, Greece and I am currently studying Occupational Therapy as a second year student at Metropolitan College… Continue reading
  • Update from SPOTeurope after the ENOTHE Annual Meeting - Dear students of the SPOTeurope community,  On behalf on the SPOTeurope board I am pleased to give you some updates after the ENOTHE annual meeting.  Last week, the 25th ENOTHE Annual Meeting was held in Athens, Greece. SPOTeurope was honored to be present to represent the european OT students. Next… Continue reading
  • Moving Abroad to Work as an Occupational Therapist - Hi All! I am Jena, you may know me as the social media lead of SPOT Europe. I have just finished my pre-registration master’s at the University of Derby in England. I moved from Canada to complete my master’s and was exited to return home after 2 years away from… Continue reading
  • End Of Academic Year! - This will be SPOTeurope’s last blog before the summer and we want to wish you all a great break! Congrats to those of you who are graduating and good luck if you’re about to start 2nd, 3rdor 4thyear!  This post will feature an update on the Joint International Project and… Continue reading
  • Occupational Therapy in a Driving Assessment Centre - Hi, I’m Natalie, the SPOTeurope blogger and this week I’ll share with you my first placement experience! I have just finished my first year at Worcester University in the UK, where we have five placements over three years of study. This placement was part time 2.5 days a week for 10 weeks, with lectures and… Continue reading
  • Student news: OT school in Bremen & Hand Therapy Project. - Our school ‘Fachschule für Ergotherapie’ is the only school for Occupational Therapy in Bremen. It was founded in 2015 and is located in the northern part of Bremen. In 2018, it got the WFOT approval and became a member of ENOTHE. We have about sixty students in three classes and four teachers… Continue reading
  • Rehabilitation Centre in Switzerland: An OT perspective! - Introduction… Jelena, 23 years old, studies Occupational Therapy (grade 4) at ZUYD Hogeschool in Heerlen. She and a friend of hers, Lea Gnida, went to Switzerland to do an internship. They were both looking very forward to their trip to Switzerland. They worked as interns in a rehabilitation centre in… Continue reading
  • Guest blog experience: OT internship in Linköping, Sweden - About me My name is Jurn Veenstra, I am a 24-year old Occupational Therapy student. I have started my 4th semester of my education at Zuyd Hogeschool in Heerlen. I had the opportunity to do an internship abroad and learn more about the world of Occupational Therapy (OT). I made… Continue reading
  • UNAEE: National Association of French OT students - The first UNAEE event of 2019 took place in Nevers, France, in March! But first, what’s UNAEE? UNAEE is the National Association of French OT students. Its main goals are to defend French OT student’s rights and interests, to represent them within deciding bodies of the institutions and give them opportunities… Continue reading
  • International Thesis in Bali, Indonesia - My international experience with a thesis in Bali, Indonesia About me My name is Naomi de Graaf, I am a 22 year old Occupational Therapy student at the University of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN) in the Netherlands. This year I started my fourth (last) year of education. It consists of… Continue reading

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