CASE | Being an OT-student during COVID-19 times

Luca is an OT-student in his first year. Since more than a week, there are no lectures, because universities are closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Furthermore, since some days his region is in quarantine, which means he is only allowed to go outside the house to go to the next local supermarket, work or for a short walk alone or with someone he is living with. Therefore, he is also not able to meet friends since he is living at his parent’s house. Besides meeting friends, he usually likes to go to concerts and to do outdoor sports such as climbing or skiing.

However, the last week he mainly used the time to Netflix, scroll in social media, read the news and playing video games. After a week of staying at home, he starts not feeling so good. He is concerned about the current circumstances, about his studies and he misses his friends. Therefore, he reached out to other OT students, who remembered him on the recent lectures about occupational deprivation and how daily occupations are connected to well-being…

  • What is occupational deprivation and how can this example be related to it?
  • If you would be Luca’s fellow OT-student, what would you suggest him to do?
  • How can you relate this to your situation at the moment? Do you use your OT skills to maintain healthy during this time?

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