SPOTeurope aims to encourage and increase OT student connection across Europe as well as ensure students voices are heard in the development of Occupational Therapy education. You can connect with other students to exchange experiences, opportunities, knowledge and ideas all through SPOTeurope!

The idea was developed at the European Network of Occupational Therapy in Higher Education (ENOTHE) Congress and since then has made huge progress! SPOTeurope is run by students for students and, as such, thrives on new students getting involved. If you are studying OT, SPOTeurope is for you!

We currently provide a blog (with news about the OT world), a forum (in which students can connect and ask questions), country representatives (who can answer OT questions in their country), Twitter, Facebook and more.

Join in the discussion!

Meeting the Board
Marlies Nijenhuis- SPOTeurope President
“My name is Marlies, I am 21 years old and in my fourth year of OT education at the University of Applied Sciences Nijmegen (HAN) in the Netherlands. Besides being a student, I am also the President of this platform which I am very excited about. I visited ENOTHE annual meetings which started my interest in the international aspects of OT. I really like being surrounded by OTs from different countries to see and learn the different perspectives on OT. Hope to hear from you soon on SPOTeurope!”

Charlotte Walker- SPOTeurope Vice President
“My Name is Charlotte and I’m in my second year of studying Occupational Therapy at Plymouth University in England. Travelling and working in different countries sparked my interest in international perspectives of OT which led me to SPOTeurope. I enjoy meeting Occupational Therapists from different backgrounds and feel that sharing knowledge and ideas as widely as possible will make us better OTs and help promote our profession. Can’t wait to hear from you on SPOTeurope!”

Jena Guimond – Social Media Lead 

“Hi! I’m Jena, and I’m the Social Media Lead of SPOT. I am a Canadian studying occupational therapy at University of Derby, in England. I have a keen interest in international OT work, and am excited to learn and grow with SPOT. When I’m not in the library, I love to hike, kayak, and travel. I look forward to hearing from you on Facebook and Twitter!”

Liarou Evangelia-Kyriaki (Valia) – Outreach

“My name is Liarou Evangelia-Kyriaki (Valia), I am 27 years old and in my fourth year of OT studies at the Occupational Therapy Department of the AMC university in Greece. Apart from being an OT student, I teach Greek language (Ancient, Latin, Contemporary Greek) and English, being mostly involved in students with learning disabilities. I am also a Spanish Dance (Flamenco) teacher. I like to be occupied with whatever is relevant with OT and I am very excited with the prospect of realizing multi-cultural OT perceptions and applications through interaction with OT students from other countries. Besides its therapeutic purpose, I perceive OT as the ideal subject for me as it combines both science and art, giving persons opportunities to express themselves holistically. SPOTeurope platform is a great chance of sharing ideas, realizing cultural differences and similarities upon the OT philosophy and practice, evolve and promote the OT profession.”

Maurane Gouturier – Blogger
“My name is Maurane, I am 21 years old and a 3rd year OT student in Tours institute, France. Travels, encounters, and later my fieldwork placement in Canada, played a part in increasing my interest in international perspectives of OT. Being a SPOT board member enables me to connect with OT students across Europe, which is essential to improve practice and OT programmes. I enjoy sharing my tips and tricks, favourites and information as likely to improve your everyday life as students and future OTs, that’s what I want to do as a blogger! I look forward hearing ideas and experiences you want to share! :)”

Kina van Riessen & Cassandra Christianen – Mini SPOT coordinators
“My name is Kina, I’m 19 years old and I’m a second year OT student at the University of applied sciences (HAN) in Nijmegen the Netherlands. I’ve been on a exchange to a  Canada and ever since differences between cultures and schools have been really interesting for me! Occupational Therapy to me is therapy to help people back to a activity or the essence of the activity and I love that I can be a part in that proces. I would like to talk about OT with students from other countries and I wish that internationalisation will be well accesible for all the OT students!”

“I am Cassandra Christianen a second year OT student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS). At the AUAS I am a member of SPOT HvA, which is a mini spot at our university. One of my interest is traveling and I love the fact I can combine this with OT. The international perspective really makes me curious and excited about all of you. Recently I went to the ENOTHE in Zagreb where I got in touch with SPOT Europe, I wanted to connect SPOT HvA with SPOT Europe. Which luckily worked out! So, besides my study I am one out of two SPOT mini coordinators within SPOT Europe. If you have any questions about the mini spots don’t hesitate just ask. Hope to hear from you soon :)”





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